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Most Efficient Solar Cells & Panels in 2018 – More Power From The Sun

Most efficient Solar cells

What are the Most Efficient Solar Panels for 2018?

Most Efficient Solar Cells: Though the use of Solar Panels is on the rise, it still only represents one and a half percent of total energy consumption in Europe. There are several reasons for it starting with the intermittent nature of solar energy due to bad weather, the difficulty of storing it and the cost of the solar panels. Researchers in Switzerland working on ways of making solar energy more cost-effective. This includes using fewer precious metals in their manufacturing and new technology to better absorb sunlight. Researchers are convinced that new more efficient and less costly technology will help make solar panels a force to be reckoned with on global energy market.

Most Efficient Solar Cells

There are many benefits of installing solar panels on your roofs. So, what should you look forward to choosing one? We will learn about solar panels here today because what we hear about that they are not all the same. The main thing we should know about Solar Panel is to how powerful be the solar panel is and how much energy we would be getting out of it and how reliable it will be? Solar panels should have long, extended warranties on your roofs for decades to provide you with the electricity.

So, what kind of warranty is backing up that solar panel is to be taken care of. You must take care of before installing that how much roof space will be taken up, how much power it will continue to generate over a lifetime, up on your roof?

Sun Power, is an American company, based out of San Jose, have been producing the most efficient and powerful solar panel, Revolusun, since 1987. Sun Power has been a Guinness Record holder for a panel and cell efficiency, they broke their own record and so recently launched their X22 series, which means that it is 22% efficient panel producing 360 watts.  Usually, the standard panels produce 265 – 280 watts of power.

There are about 220 patterns protecting the cell design, extracting a lot of electricity from sun rays by heating the solar panel. Since it is more efficient, we can use fewer panels and hence less space allows you to be flexible to expand the system later.  There are chances that solar panels lessen the efficiency over time, as anything that has been left out to the sun is to degrade slowly.

Some parts of the solar panels actually degrade much slower than a conventional solar panel up on the roof. There is a test facility in Colorado, where they test all the major solar panel manufacturers, measuring the production year over a year. Some part of the solar panel may seem to degrade 0.1 percent per year.  Since 2006 the average of all the other manufacturers is around 1 percent.

Apart from this, the only manufacturer, Sun Power, that offers not just a 25-year production warranty but a 25-year product warranty as well. Most other manufacturers also offer a 25-year production warranty but only a 10-year product warranty. With production warranty means is that over 25 years you have the opportunity that production doesn’t look like it should be, you can take the panel of the roof and ship it back to the testing facility and if the lab approves that it is not making what it should, five or ten years from now. Some parts also offered the product warranty which means if anything happens to the solar panel, it will be replaced instantly. The company knows their solar panel never fails and if it does, rarely, they do care about their clients


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