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The upcoming 2255MW Project – India’s booming solar program

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India’s booming solar program: BHADLA MEGA SOLAR PARK

BHADLA MEGA SOLAR PARK is India’s booming solar program under construction. It is situated in Bhadla, Phalodi Tehsil, Jodhpur District, Rajasthan, India. The park which is spread over total area 10,000 acres of land is designed to generate electricity of 2255MW once fully operational while at present, producing 408MW of power. Bhadla is the sandy, dry and arid region with an area of about 45 square km. Hot winds and sandstorms occur frequently. The region has been described as “almost unlivable” due to its climate. The average temperatures in Bhadla hover between 46 and 48 degrees Celsius.

India’s booming solar program

In the middle of the Thar Desert, Bhadla was a spot nobody had heard of until recently. It wasn’t on the tourist map and nobody ever went there. It only made headlines of extreme heat; temperature also went up to 52 degrees in summer but the sun’s bounty is now turning into a profitable business in Bhadla. 400KV grid sub-station that transmits the electricity generated here to the rest of Rajasthan. A green corridor is underway which will allow power-generated here to be transmitted to other. What’s also exciting news is that solar-tariffs are in a free fall.

India’s booming solar program

Bhadla is an almost perfect setting for a solar power plant was built as a part of the mission to massively electrify India by renewable energy. This sandy, dry and arid piece of land, now houses a project that will, in less than two years, become one of India’s many mega solar parks. Due to the park’s location in a desert region, it is prone to constant soiling and frequent dust storms that reduce electricity production by up to 40%. Making panels cleaning a constant challenge, to keep production at peak capacity, Automatic robotic PV cleaning solutions were used in the project. Energy Group partnered with Ecoppia, is the world leader in water-free robotic solar panels cleaning. Utilizing its experience cleaning over 200 million solar panels across the globe these Cloud-based and connected, automated technology removes dust from panels on a daily basis to ensure peak output, even in the toughest desert conditions. This efficiency generates massive economic implications, measurable increase in energy production year-around and saving of millions in the site’s maintenance costs, radically transforming the way large-scale solar sites are operated. Ecoppia allowed developers to remain competitive in today’s challenging markets and short an overall ROI of the projects.

India’s booming solar program

Rajasthan being a water deficient region, using of precious water is not feasible. The water-free cleaning system will not only solve the water problem but also help in maintaining the energy output. The DC power supply is converted into AC to allow for changes in voltage using transformers and this conversion takes place in the inverter room. There are several in the Bhadla park. The AC voltage is then is paced up and the high-voltage transmission lines are carried to the grid and then the electricity is distributed to the users in different locations. About 300 people working at Bhadla site of which about 30% of the work-force, especially those involved in construction, come from neighbouring villages.

Around India, a solar revolution is taking place. Till now, we have our first largest solar power plant has been developed in Karnataka, Pavagada Solar Park that is generating about 648MW of energy while aiming to generate 2,700MW once fully commissioned. Simultaneously, Rajasthan to is now making a place for itself in this race.

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