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Hot Solar Cells: A Breakthrough 2017

hot solar cells

As fossil fuels at the verge of extension are hot solar cells the new source of energy.

Hot Solar Cells: With a constant state of innovating in 2017, there comes a breakthrough in the Solar power technology that could double the efficiency of conventional solar cells. This new design also leads to a low cost that keeps working even after dawn. These lower cost solar cells turn the sunlight into heat and then back into a focused beam of light through the process of thermophotvoltaic. This invention created a cheap and continuing power with increased efficiency. And the best part is the availability of these cells which is stayed as long as 10-15 years. This new design could lead to inexpensive solar power that keeps working even after the sun sets and theoretically double the efficiency of conventional solar cells.

This new technological advancement in material science captures far more of sun’s energy, based on the principle of thermophotovoltaic, turning sunlight into heat and then turning back to light. Standard solar cells usually capture the visual light from violet to red, operating at just 6.8 percent efficiency level, turning not more than 32 percent of the sunlight energy into electricity.

hot solar cells

The researchers have created a photonic crystal, and that crystal captures more energy from the sun. It captures it as heat energy, which in today’s solar cells, is lost. This heat is converted inside the crystal into wavelengths of light that a solar cell can process. So what you could imagine is solar power that is more efficient and can run for more hours of the day. And in fact, can continue to produce some electricity even after the sun goes down. The absorber-emitter plays the key role in the development of this device.

A light funnel above the solar cells; this absorber-emitter layer is built from solid black carbon nanotubes, capturing all the energy in sunlight converting it into heat. With the increase of temperature to 1000 degrees Celsius, adjacent emitting layer radiates the energy back out as light. The emitter is made from a photonic crystal to control which wavelengths of light flow through it. Another critical advancement is ‘photon recycling’ producing more heat that generates more of the light that the solar cell can absorb and improving the efficiency of the system.

Black carbon nanotubes on the top of the absorber-emitter layer to collect energy across the solar spectrum, converting it to heat.

Hot Solar Cells Hit the Scene

With the increasing innovative technology and the material science techniques, this new Hot Solar Cell technology will be the cheapest way of generating energy for longer periods. These solar panels will be soon seen all over the places, the suburban homes, office buildings, and even parking lots. It’s just so easy to take advantage of solar power nowadays, with its abundance of sunlight and even when the clouds roll in.

The device works on the same basic principle of converting sunlight into electricity with a more advanced technique, by first turning sunlight into heat and then converting it back into the light. Thus the efficiency skyrockets.


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