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The End Silicon-chip Generation: Our Next Is Transistors

Transistors replaced vacuum tubes, computers went from the size of the entire rooms to merely the corner of a room Electronics keep getting smaller, and...

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Biofuels : Potential & Technology Prospects

Biofuels – the renewable resource: Potential & Technology Prospects   The concept of biofuels was used in the later part of the previous century unlike...

Most Efficient Solar Cells & Panels in 2018 – More Power...

What are the Most Efficient Solar Panels for 2018? Most Efficient Solar Cells: Though the use of Solar Panels is on the rise, it still...

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Nuclear Waste Problem

Nuclear Waste Problem Is Now Biggest A National Problem

Nuclear Waste Problem is the one which needs our small efforts to make everything go well If you were an evil mastermind thinking where you...
Renewable Energy Solutions

Energy from Mountains: Renewable Energy Solutions

With innovative thoughts and technologies people are now Renewable Energy Solutions In the world today, there is a growing shift towards renewable energy solutions,...
nuclear power plant

Tarapur Nuclear Power Plant : Unlocking Power

Tarapur Nuclear Power Plant : India's Largest Power Plant It’s one of the most securely guarded places in the country. A mammoth enterprise working around...
Solar Power And Clean Energy

Solar Power And Clean Energy for the Next Generation

Advantages of Solar Power And Clean Energy Solar Power And Clean Energy: And here we are to know more about Perovskite, a light-sensitive crystal and...
Renewable Energy Indian Scenario

Renewable Energy Indian Scenario: Use of Resources

Renewable energy Indian Scenario; India is rich in coal and solar energy Today we will be learning the concept of renewable energy Indian Scenario with a...