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Government Initiatives For Renewable Energy In India

Government Initiatives For Solar Energy Government Initiatives: The prospects of solar energy are looking bright. Government around the world have at last begun to recognize...

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Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Destroying Ozone Layer

Ozone-Depleting Chemicals use should strictly be reduced Volcanos have been preventing human efforts to shrink the ozone hole drastically. Industrial chemicals called Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) destroy ozone in...

Energy from Evaporating Water, Evaporation Engines

Energy from Evaporating Water | Power and Energy Water in nature is in constant transformation. This process has enormous power and energy in it. So...

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Impact of ISA on India

Impact of ISA on India: Global Solar Energy Industry

Impact of ISA on India: Energy Economics & Financial Analysis It is evident that China has led the Global Solar Energy Industry a decade ago...
Floating Solar Farms

New Solar Panels For Better Future: Floating Solar Farms

Floating Solar Farms : Innovative Solar Panels New Solar Panels could create electricity from rain: rain or shine, floating Solar farms may be able to...
solarsurge bhadla project

The upcoming 2255MW Project – India’s booming solar program

India’s booming solar program: BHADLA MEGA SOLAR PARK BHADLA MEGA SOLAR PARK is India’s booming solar program under construction. It is situated in Bhadla, Phalodi Tehsil,...
nuclear fusion energy


NUCLEAR FUSION ENERGY: Energy that could save our earth from all the changes world is facing Coal is dirty, Nuclear is scary, Solar and Wind...
Renewable Energy Solution

Renewable Energy Engineering: The True Hybrid Solar Power Generating Systems

Renewable energy engineers are part of the growing sector of green jobs that involve environmentally conscious production. Renewable Energy Engineering: The energy demand is expected to grow 30...