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Top 4 Renewable Energy Companies Around the World

Renewable Energy Companies

Best Renewable Energy Companies in the world

Renewable Energy Companies: Though debate still goes on between non-renewable and renewable sources of energy, the truth of the matter is that the world is riding a wave toward an ever-increasing number of sustainable power sources. Wind energy, solar energy and biofuels to name a few. To put this into perspective, the International Energy Agency predicts that 40% of the planet’s energy sources will be sustainable by 2040. Moving further away from fossil fuels will be crucial to our future sustainability, from a global warming perspective.

So, keeping all these facts in mind, let us take a look at some the new age companies that are leaders in renewable energy.

Renewable energy companies: First Solar

Headquartered in Arizona, be that as it may, having offices around the globe and generates sustainable energy around the world. It has expansive solar power plants on 6 out of 7 continents of the world, including one in the remote island of Samoa.

Renewable Energy Companies

The company uses PV innovation to generate solar power in a way that leaves behind half the amount of carbon footprint compared to conventional solar panels. Renewable energy companies need more innovation to contribute efficiently.

Renewable energy companies: Crop Energies AG

This is a German firm that produces different biofuels and ethanol. These are renewable as they come from corn and other plant species. Their clean certificate isn’t as high as that of solar or wind energy since the ethanol is combust by vehicles, however, it burns considerably more cleanly than fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable energy companies: Electrobras

The Brazilian company is one of the largest renewable energy company in the world. Hydropower is it’s a major form of power which provides most of its total output, around 43,000 MW.

The firm is expanding its operations across major parts of South America, as well as Costa Rica in North America and Angola, Namibia in Africa.

Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable energy companies: Pacific Ethanol

Unlike the majority of ethanol firms, Pacific Ethanol was established in Southern California. Currently, it has factories around the Midwest, where the corn is, but it is primarily a company of the West Coast. Pacific Ethanol was founded by former Secretary of State of California, Bill Jones.

Renewable Energy Companies

There are difficulties in building solar power plants similarly as there is with any other industry. The sustainable energy field time after time has been saddled with doubt and pessimism, and its development has been moderated in a few nations due to unfavourable government rules and policies. However, these renewable energy companies show how sustainable and profitable renewable energy can be.



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