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Senergy China – The Top Solar PV Inverter Manufacturer


Synergy is choosing the superior quality with a maximum efficiency

What does the Sun bring to us? Unlimited sunlight and heat bring us continuous energy to make a good living possible. Taking advantage of innovative technology, we convert sunlight into Green energy to light and warm millions of homes. Clean Energy for Sustainable Development, we are Synergy, the PV inverter experts. We have a large family of PV inverters and choosing Synergy is choosing the superior quality with a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, compliance with a residential standard, die-cast aluminium design. These PV inverters vary in size but all have inherited the same excellent performance gene to offer high efficiency and power generation, enhance operational reliability and superior intelligence in installation and maintenance.


On-Grid PV Inverter for Residential use has a maximum efficiency of 98.6% with ultra-wide operation voltage range and natural convective cooling design. On the other hand, the On-grid PV Inverter for Industrial and Commercial use has a maximum efficiency of 98.8% with high-efficiency ECO mode (patent technology) and a natural convective cooling design to improve power generation capacity. On this On-Grid PV Inverter for Industrial and Commercial use, we also have a maximum efficiency of 99% with Intelligent-multiple string monitoring and advance grid impedance algorithm.

We have our own cloud, our Intelligent Cloud-based monitoring system, to track and report each PV Inverters daily performance anytime and anywhere. They are a group of “craftsmen” in PV inverter design and R&D, always pursuing perfection. They take each PV inverter as a work of art obsessing over every component and focusing on every detail. With 15 years of expertise in PV inverter research and development, they truly dive deeply into the research of product performance and enjoy the journey of continuous improvement following meticulous design and R&D. The Dual technology power engines based in Taipei have Top-notch talent led by experienced industry experts where 90% of the team members are six-sigma certified.


The PV Inverters enters a highly-automated production line to go through the manufacturing process and a variety of inspection procedures that includes Automatic High-pressure & 100% Functional Test. Only those passing each level of strict screening and testing will be labelled as qualified to be packaged for delivery. The competitive advantage of Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) with 100% coverage of component solder-joint inspection is to provide advanced production capabilities.

Automatic monitoring high-temperature B/I test, Flexible production line, flexibility to meet the needs of different customers, and Coating equipment to prevent Dust, Moisture & Oxidation are few of the advanced product features. Along with product delivery, we provide proactive customer service through phone calls, WeChat, and other methods of contact to understand the clients installation scenarios directing them to the relevant sections in the product manuals and offer point-to-point installation and commissioning technical support and always standing by to provide them with convenient, quick responsive service in addition our intelligent cloud-based monitoring system always guards over the inverter operation and automatically analyzes and triggers countermeasures once the slightest trace of a problem is detected to minimize damage. Highly-automated production line for whole industry chain processing, automatic insertion machine, Ultra-high speed automatic SMD machine are the flexible and diversified communication accessories to meet the needs of various types of applications.


For circuit board printing through an assembly, testing and burn-in, we use automated equipment from international brands to complete most of the manufacturing processes ensuring the products quality and consistency, coupled with our more than 20 years of rich experience in Taiwan factory management, all our products are of first-class quality with the highest trustworthiness. Taking advantage of our rich experience in electrical power products, we focus on technological innovation and refinement of details to continuously improve the performance of PV inverters.

From the rooftops of residencies, factories, and schools, to remote and impoverished mountainous areas as well as in developed areas in land scarcity challenges, Senergy’s presence can be found everywhere throughout China, India, Europe, and Australia. As a fully integrated team with seamless cooperation and agile mobility in R&D, manufacturing, quality control, and after-sale services, we optimize our design and manufacturing processes and deploy a variety of resources based on client demand. One of our strengths is our ability to satisfy the personalized demands of different clients. We have state-of-the-art technology and R&D capabilities advanced manufacturing facilities, comprehensive quality control management systems as well as proactive customer service. Living by the corporate spirit of professionalism, integrity, innovation and win-win, we embrace the low-carbon environment with leading intelligent technologies to create a better life in a new era.

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