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Fossil Fuels Outburst: Big Ideas To Get Rid Of Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels Outburst

Fossil Fuels Outburst: The world should get rid of fossil fuels

Fossil Fuels Outburst: Building a fossil fuel free society is a complex challenge. But the developing countries could take the lead in this transition. We can’t ignore the fact that there is so much at stake in our countries that let fossil fuels has the center stage of our development. It’s high time now that we need to think differently. To debunk the myth that the country has to choose between the development on one hand and environmental protection, renewable, quality of life on the other.

Hydropower, geothermal, wind, solar, biomass, all these energies can generate electricity. We can generate electricity, without consuming fossil fuels for as many days as possible, approx. around 200-300 homes. It is a fantastic achievement and yet it hides a paradox, that nearly 70 percent of all our daily energy consumption is oil. Our whole transportation system is fossil fuel dependent. So, if we think the energy transition has to be achieved in a positive way, then we have to think beyond of how do we decarbonize the rest of the economy? And it is very difficult to say who will succeed. But we need to have a pioneer vision for development without fossil fuels. We need to develop resilience in dealing with development problems by making our own choices.

Investing in nature and people is very important if we really want to get rid of fossil fuels. This generation has to think and work really hard to preserve fossil fuels for the next generation. We know that fossil fuel creates climate change and how vulnerable we are to the impacts of climate change. So as a developing country, it is in our best interest to build development without fossil fuels. It isn’t necessary to import oil for transportation if we can use electricity instead. Electricity can come from water in our rivers, heat from volcanoes, wind turbines, solar panels, and bio-waste. It means total disruption of our transportation system to power our cars, buses, and trains with electricity if we decide to put an end to the usage of fossil fuels. Transportation has become an existential issue because it harms people, companies, and our health.

When we talk about clean transportation and different mobility, it means the electric mobility that is happening today. Investing in environmental protection didn’t hurt the economy. Both the electric cars and conventional cars would cost same in coming years by 2022. Many cities already have started using electric buses, which saves money, time and reduce pollution. Now we have so many options to get rid of oil-based transportation. But of course, many nations get very uncomfortable with this idea, because the world is stuck with oil.

It’s time for generations to be brave again and abolish fossil fuels for good. This is the best moment to redefine our urban and mobility future, as our model of transportation and urbanization is broken. We need people-centric cities, not the cities which are full of cars, and pollution, where we can walk, breathe and live happily. We want public transportation in abundance that is clean and dignifying. If we continue adding fleets of conventional cars, our cities will become unbearable. For this transformational change, we need to work a lot, if we really want a greener country powered by renewable resources.


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