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Renewable Energy Engineering: The True Hybrid Solar Power Generating Systems

Renewable Energy Solution

Renewable energy engineers are part of the growing sector of green jobs that involve environmentally conscious production.

Renewable Energy Engineering: The energy demand is expected to grow 30 percent by 2040. Recent climate change meetings all around the world underscore the demand for energy systems that meet human needs without depleting precious hydrocarbon resources and polluting the environment for the future generations. It is up to engineers to design technology needed for harvesting energy from renewable energy resources.

Here in this column we will not only examine the concept of energy conservation work and power but will also investigate the latest technologies to harvest wind and solar power. We will know more about the Hybrid Solar Panels and then will construct a plan to provide wind and solar energy to an area of your interest. Renewable energy is incredibly important field as we discover new possibilities for energy and uncover the true potential for wind and solar power.

This true Hybrid Solar Power System gives you optimum output; power backup plan during the power cut and reduces your electricity bill. This system is a combo of on-grid and off-grid solar power generating system. In True Hybrid Solar Power system you can configure your backup solution based on the appliances used in power failure times and a soft backup you need. Let us understand the functionality of this system. Assume that requirement at home is 20 units of power every day and you would like to configure a solar plant which generates 15 units of power with 10 units of power backup during power cut times.

The Solar true hybrid solar solution comes with a capacity that produces 15 units of power and this power is connected to a full load through a non-grid inverter. The solar PV array is also connected in parallel to the solar power system, solar PCU, and batteries. Your batteries in this system are charged by solar power and grid power. Once the batteries are full the system automatically shuts down the power supply to off-grid PCU and brings losses to zero in this scenario. Between your on-grid inverter and solar PCU, we use the solar ideas intelligent power sensing which turns on and turns off the solar PCU based on the main lines power supply. If main lines are on your on-grid system will work and if mainlines are off your solar PCU starts functioning to avoid power losses and gives backup.


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