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Imagine A Day When Everything Will Boom: Nuclear Power Explosion

Nuclear Power Explosion

Let nature and humanity survive: Nuclear Power Explosion

What will happen if all the nuclear power plants in the world explode? You are accustomed to drinking your tasty aromatic tea in the morning, being wrapped in your favourite bathrobes in the evenings, having dinner in the bosom of your family; do you think that it will always be so? What if one day upon opening the window instead of birds chirping you hears one giant hell of a boom and the blissfully blue sky is dotted with huge flaming mushroom clouds. Turning on the TV you find that a disaster has occurred all over the world. Our nuclear power stations have exploded, all of them, every single one. With horror, you begin to contemplate what will happen next. This situation is based on reality; there are about 430 Nuclear Power Explosion and 200 floating reactors operating on our planet right now. The water-borne reactors are located on submarines icebreakers and floating power plants. By the middle of the 21st century, the total numbers of reactors will double reaching about 898. At the moment these formidable installations are all quite warm and fuzzy, they are working quietly providing energy for power stations but if all of them simultaneously exploded there would be hell to pay. What would happen after the explosion? How would the progress of mankind change and how realistic are these suppositions?

Nuclear Power Explosion

Nuclear power plants could explode for several reasons, for example, if a couple of international superpowers who today get along like cats and dogs exchange greetings in the form of nuclear bombs or perhaps explosions could be arranged by terrorists who advocate hate towards almost every living thing. Alternatively, Mother Nature could rebel in as much as we’ve been exploiting her so badly for such a long time. She could arrange for a global 20 points on the Ritcher scale earthquake and the surface of the earth would burst like a nutshell. It’s obvious that no nuclear power plant could withstand such a powerful kick from nature after which our planet could turn into a real hell. No living creature will survive and humanity has to travel to other planets in order to survive after the disaster but not for long. According to the interplanetary settlers, prognostications after the six years the atmosphere of our home planet should clear up. After that, the escapees have intentions to return. Of course, this is just sci-fi fantasy but remember how many times science fiction writers have predicted the future. Arthur C Clarke, for example, wrote about the emergence of artificial earth satellites long before they existed and HG Wells imagined atomic weapons 30 years before their first use. Nevertheless, we believe scientist more what do they think about a possible apocalypse and can we survive one under conditions where migration to other planets is not yet available.

Nuclear Power Explosion

Using information collected after the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters, Japanese scientists have modelled just such a situation as we have been discussing. The simultaneous explosion of all nuclear reactors on earth will exceed 500 times the power and intensity of the Chernobyl accident. This would render the earth unsuitable for human life not for six years but for a much longer 156 years. After the explosions the cities of our dear planet will begin to burn like torches, the height of the firestorms would reach up to five kilometres high. Their flames will turn almost any material into ash. The firestorms will suck in everything whatsoever they get in their way and will not end until they burnt the entire planet to the ground, as a result, an incredibly large amount of soot, smoke and dust will rise into the air blocking off the light of the Sun. A nuclear winter will come to the earth and an incredible cold would envelop the planet. In winter months the temperature would reach 50 degrees below zero and in the summer the frost would carry on even in tropical regions. For several years the entire globe would freeze to a depth of several meters, the rains would end and never seen before storms would commence but almost no one would be there to see it. Most of the years, living creatures including humans would die right after the explosions. The surfaces of any unfrozen rivers, seas, and lakes and sometimes later these slowly cooling oceans would be covered with rotting dead fish and other putrefying marine species. All of the various food chains would rupture. Perhaps on the planet, there would remain some low-level life forms, for example, mosses and lichens but the higher life-forms including incidentally the despised rats and cockroaches would perish. But this fact would be little solace to the smattering of people who perhaps might somehow survive after the apocalypse but they wouldn’t have time to think about the hated rodents and insects. The survivors will slowly die off from radiation poisoning and lack of food and potable water but what if this all weren’t so.

Stay Aware.


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