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India’s Stand on Global Warming : Measures & Precautions

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India’s stand on Global Warming — Race against Time

India is the most fascinating country among many tourists for its vast culture and traditions but what we hear more of these days, how it will soon be the most populous nation on earth. The infrastructure in many cities in India needs to be modernized since the maximum of the power comes from the grid wherein 60 percent of the power capacity is coal. Global warming has taken a massive toll on the country.

This infrastructure has not been upgraded for a very long time so about 30 percent of what we are generating is getting lost in transmission and when we lose the electricity in transmission, on contrary; we are burning more coal for the same amount of electricity. That eventually affects the climate. But that’s not all, the economy is also booming here. India is already the third largest consumer of coal right behind the U.S and China. And to feed its growth India plans to burn twice as much of the coal.

Coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change in tandem with global warming. This is the problem not only to the nation but to the entire planet. It’s interesting that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems determined to find a solution using Solar Power but can he pull it off before it’s too late. The idea of generating solar power is being loved by many nations especially the U.S that the Sun could provide all the electricity we need. In India, many major cities like in Delhi power failures seem to be pretty routine.

Generally, the power when it goes can come back in two minutes or in 20 minutes but when you are not sure, a backup is needed. On almost every house there is an immense use of generators that are all powered by diesel pouring huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And the scariest thing is that India has enough backup generators that could power all of Australia, a grid powered by coal that is inefficiency run with power outages, requiring more coal. And above all these diesel generators are warming the planet even more. But India needs to think now about the cleaner and more efficient source like solar that is what India is actually trying to do.

We still find villages that are completely off-grid where they have got power lines going past them but aren’t connected.  It becomes clear when it comes to energy that there’s another side of India. People without money can’t buy generators do they have to depend on all kinds of firewood or kerosene lamps. In many rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, children used to study in kerosene lamps which affect their breathing as they have to take in the toxic fumes but there are 300 million others in India who live just like that with no access to any power at all. The country is changing fast now in becoming the economic powerhouse running headlong into the 21st century and there is no stopping it. OMC is a private company that is trying to bring lights to the 300 million

Indians living without power without about 70 of solar arrays in an around the state and they are building at the rate of one such plant every day. The plant also stores power at night when the sun goes down. The company is also planning for expansion for them the business was the inspiration not charity. Hundred of many other companies have similar operations mini power plants not connected to the grid which bring solar power to the villages. The families getting 12 hrs of power each day at a minimal price they can afford, just 2 dollars a month. And if this happens to each family throughout the country, had its own solar array then may be India could simply bypass new coal plants.


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