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Importance of Fossil Fuels For Our Future

important of fossil fuels

Importance of fossil fuels

Why we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground?

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of fossil fuels. In the desert of western China, there is a desperate attempt to hold back the sands. According to the recent report the climate change will be felt in many different ways. Some people tried to cope while others especially the poorest had the hardest time adapting. The evidence, the report says is mounting from every region on the planet from the ice poles in the Arctic to the effect on the rise of Ceylon. This issue has become the personal cause for the secretary-general of the United Nations and he launched this new publication.

“Science has spoken – there is no ambiguity in their message, leaders must act, time is not our side.” The report laid out the potential impacts of climate change and options for tackling it and the most controversial is the fossil fuels like coal should be phased out by the end of the century that would be a huge undertaking because fossil fuels generate about two-thirds of the world’s electricity. The report says that they should only be used if the carbon dioxide they emit is captured in power plants as carbon capture; this technology was in very earliest days.

Importance of fossil fuels is such that with fossil fuels providing the backbone of the global power supply, every attempt to negotiate a new treaty on greenhouse gases failed. Most recently five years ago, economic pressures and national politics intervened. The UN had tried again in Paris in the commencing year but nothing has really changed. It was observed that countries who refused to take action previously, now taking action. And the countries that refuse to really even negotiate on this issue, now coming to the table. So the politics of climate change in the UK, in Europe, and around the world is changing. A dust storm during a record drought in Oklahoma was one of the examples that such extremes are set to become more likely as emissions of carbon dioxide keep rising. Scientists have made their conclusions very clear and now it is to see how governments respond.

We know that if we want to avoid catastrophic global warming, we need to reduce emissions but it can be quite hard to get your head around how to do that. This is really a simple idea that this stuff has to be kept in the ground. It cannot be dug up because the only reason you get it out of the ground and that is to burn and leave it. Keep oil in the soil and coal in the hole. Let’s build simple prepositions the only way you can’t use the majority of the reserves that have been identified by fossil fuel companies. There are these three numbers that you need to know, three facts, first is 2 degrees, there is the threshold for dangerous climate change the second is number 565 is 565 gigatonnes, that is the amount of carbon dioxide that we can safely release into the atmosphere and still have a reasonable chance of staying below 2 degrees, kind of a carbon budget. When you start getting really bad and the third number which is kind of scary, 2795 gigatonnes, that’s the amount of carbon dioxide that would be released if all of the fossil fuel reserves we know about already were dug up. You will notice that 2795 is a lot bigger than 565. We have way more fossil fuels in the reserves, then we could possibly burn and if the ones that are identified already would burn it would end up emitting so much carbon producing catastrophic climatic change. Astonishingly, there’s a real tension no matter how people are changing their light bulbs, and driving less often, if this stuff still is being pumped out of the ground, all those feeble measures will be going to prove useless. So the only way forward for the longest time if we couldn’t look at it we will be in denial about climate change. Importance of fossil fuels is not just for us but more importantly for the future generations to come.


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