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Solar Power And Clean Energy for the Next Generation

Solar Power And Clean Energy

Advantages of Solar Power And Clean Energy

Solar Power And Clean Energy: And here we are to know more about Perovskite, a light-sensitive crystal and an incredibly exciting new material that could revolutionize solar power. There is a real clean energy transition from Sun with this breath-taking technical innovation.

In just a few years, the power conversion efficiency figures have merely reached 22% and will continue to rise with the technical advancement in research. This maximum efficiency is caused because of it’s been a thousand times thinner such that they could be applied to silicon modules, boosting electricity production. All of this could mean in future, the price that we paid for solar power would fall considerably. These third generation solar cells, a built up layer by layer, like a sandwich with Perovskite as a light-harvesting active layer. Semi-transparent and flexible Perovskite could one day be used instead of glass windows in buildings.

Experiments on solar cells are taking place at Ecole Polytechnic, Federal de Lausanne, France as part of the solar project. What’s surprising about Perovskite is that the arrangement solution with simple procedure and materials which are readily available receiving performance results, which today are already ahead of silicon poly-crystals. The Caviart, is the lead, of course, we must be careful to manage this properly but otherwise, it really is an extraordinary material.

To get around the net problems, scientists coat the solar cells in the protective glass; the final layer of the solar cell is gone to one of the two electrodes. One aspect of the project is exploring, so good to Tempton Technology, using silicon and perovskite. The most interesting thing is the fact that we can combine this technology with the one to use silicon in order to obtain cells whose efficiency can reach 30% and it is clean energy

The research is working on the scaling of the Perovskite solar cells; the challenge is to replicate the result of the laboratory on a larger scale along the road to commercializing Perovskite solar cells. This device can produce up to 18 volts and 2 watts. We were able to reach the goals of this project but we were like to go beyond that. But some aspects of this technology is still being developed. Some of which is fundamental to it, such as stability. Scientists also work on the stress tests of the solar panels in the saline research center, seeing how they survive in the extreme temperatures and under prolonged light conditions which stimulate real weather.

If the recent result and stability in the developments and the technology anything to go by, it could be easily imagined the variable technology or consumer electronics being de-fast products to use Perovskites in a short period of time. Before any significant applications such as the building products or the automotive industry, the time scales are likely to be a bit longer. The first Perovskite based product could see the light by earliest 2019.



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