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Solar Window Opportunity That We Need To Utilize More

Solar Window Opportunity

Solar Window Opportunity to make full use of available resources and equipment

Are we going to make it as a species on this Earth for much longer? Are we making use of all the solar window opportunity? Might be like a cliffhanger, it seems like we are sort of heading into a perfect storm right now but in the SETI, the research community, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is searching for the answer. Some say it is because we don’t have yet that sophisticated technology or extensive enough sky covered yet to have been picking up signals but others say that intelligent civilizations with powerful technologies are really rare out there in the cosmos or perhaps they don’t just last very long. They inevitably blow themselves up or pollute themselves out of existence, run out of resources or succumb to plagues.

Solar Window Opportunity

We do know of some ancient civilizations on this planet that flourished for a while and then vanished but now if we think about the global collapse, could that be our fate? In the really long run, in the cosmic perspective, there is one thing that is certain and it’s not good. Starting in about a billion years the Sun is going to go red giant swallowing the planets, Mercury and Venus, and vaporizing our oceans. Could that be a case of too much solar energy with serious global warming? But again that is going to happen a billion years from now, so we have to concentrate on getting through these hundreds of years. Nobody has figured out yet how it would be possible but there is one great truth that we can count on.

Solar Window Opportunity

Any truly advanced civilization of intelligent life on this Earth will have its key signature that it runs on the Sun. Energy is the way we do it today is the largest and most polluting industry in the world but Sun is by far the dominant source of energy on the planet completely dwarfing the sum total of everything we will ever forget from oil, coal, natural gas, and Uranium combined. And it is the best-kept secret in the world, here is a look. Look at the big cube with the annual total solar energy input to the Earth and the tiny cube down right that is the annual total energy usage by all civilization while the dark cubes on the left aren’t the annual energy supplies from the fossil fuels but those are the total remaining reserves left in the ground.

Solar Window Opportunity

As we all know, at our latitude on the Earth, we are rolling about 800 miles an hour towards the day and night boundary. So the night and day contrast between the way we have doing energy in the world analogous to that shadows and the way we have to start doing energy from now on. The way we do energy now is literally harnessing the power of darkness, oil, coal, gas, uranium, things we have to dig up underground largely in places made ourselves unwelcome. Meanwhile, the Sun yet shines with the great majority representing this vast resource whose enormous potential we barely began to tap yet. The Sun and all the renewable energy sources related to the Sun, the winds which are caused by the Sun, the waves which are caused by the wind, green plants which grow under the light of the Sun, falling waters which were raised into the sky by the heat of the Sun as well as ocean thermal power where we can utilize the temperature differences between the Sun warm surface layers and the cold depths and the Lunar tidal power and geothermal Earth power, together these provide in less than one hour which is enough energy for all humanity for a whole year.

Solar Window Opportunity

If we move towards more smarter and efficient infrastructure and towards more wiser and community-oriented energy habits, we will have a much more manageable problem. All of these especially the big Sun are clean, limitless, home-grown and democratically distributed. Together these hold the keys to eliminating or at least greatly reducing the top problem which humanity still needs to grow up and deals with poverty and war while promoting the health of the entire biosphere and revitalizing our global economy with a multi-trillion-dollar revolution to the future where at last we can have widespread reasonable levels of wealth worldwide.

The main reason we haven’t been trying yet as we have been throwing money at the dinosaur energy technologies of the smokestacks and radioactivity economy while we have been investing really low in our future. And if we get the costs of solar and other renewables down by bringing some political work up the costs to where they should be. What is been lacking is Education of ourselves and our leaders to get the people to know about the possibilities of getting the political will together. Secondly, it is the spending on the right things for a change for anything we decide is good, worth paying enriching economic activity overall.

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