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The Most Innovative Power Solution: Socomec


Socomec: to stay on course with their product portfolio updates

One of the global players in the renewable energy space, Socomec, with its range of highly adapted, and specialist products spanning both AC and DC side switching, and isolation of as well as energy applications, predominantly focused on utility scale as well as rooftop solar photovoltaic installations. REI Expo gives a holistic overview of new trends, and customer expectations that helped Socomec to stay on course with their product portfolio updates, fueling its innovative spirit to continue offering products, and features that are very much in sync with customer expectation.


A treat for the first time in the photovoltaic market of the lead with a product very new and revolutionary, is Sunsys HBS Hybrid Power System, is a product that is designed for all the applications requiring electrification. Actually, electrification is mainly done with the generator set having a high cost of the fuel and the HBS is able to use the photovoltaic energy, combined together with the battery system and Generator system in a unique solution which is able to give a very simple use to the end customer. By issuing the real return investment of the investment in a very fast period. The real investment is done with our plot administered that according to the diesel costs which is increasing day by day that the return on the investment can be in 4 or 5 years, hence quite convenient for the customer. The main installation has been done in many parts of Africa, in the Republic of Congo and Tanzania.


REI facilitates a meaningful, synergistic networking session with different stakeholders in the PV value chainpromoters, EPC, consultants, system integrators, etc. that allows them all to precisely evaluate the catalogue of Socomec products on offer in relation to configuration, and specific needs of their specific project. Socomec Innovative Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Offers products and services that set benchmarks of higher reliability and safety, with a low energy footprint is the hallmark of all Socomec products. Since the indefatigable effort on research and product innovation are integral to Socomec way, it is been meticulously looking forward to quintessential application insights, and usability patterns, presenting products, and accessories that induce prospective users to engineer their subsystems more optimally, with the aim of spreading global compact resolutions.


Jeremy Pleynet, Prescription & Marketing Engineer at Socomec Italy, introduces Socomec’s solutions to help companies to control their energy consumption. Each company has to pay attention to energy efficiency and consumption reduction, considering last year’s rays of energy costs in companies or in infrastructure with being aware of what are the flows of energy. As Socomec, the solutions it provides measurement, monitoring and supervision system in order to give tools to deal with the customer, to know where he consumes, and also where he has a potential of efficiency in this processing industry, and in internal infrastructure in terms of buildings. As a product company, we can also give some tools in terms of services and can accompany the customer in order to give some advice to decide what the good investments to do on the field are.

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