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New Solar Panels For Better Future: Floating Solar Farms

Floating Solar Farms

Floating Solar Farms : Innovative Solar Panels

New Solar Panels could create electricity from rain: rain or shine, floating Solar farms may be able to generate power. Scientists in China are producing new Solar Panels that can produce energy from the last source that no one ever expected other than the solar energy, the rainwater.

Floating Solar Farms

In a typical solar panel photons from a light source knock electrons free from atoms within the panel and the action generates a flow of electricity, although solar power technology has been getting increasingly efficient, there’s still a tiny problem that solar cells can’t produce any power when it’s raining. A new type of solar panel is now been introduced by adding a layer of graphene where carbon atoms are arranged in a honeycomb structure to dye sensitized solar cells and a supple layer of Indium tin oxide and plastic is added underneath. Graphene has unusual properties that allows electrons move freely throughout the entire layer. Rainwater holds positively charged ions of ammonium, calcium and sodium, when water sticks to the panel surface a double layer of positive ions and negatively charged electrons is formed, resulting in production of voltage and current.

Floating Solar Farms

Tests of these new solar panels have been able to produce hundreds of micro volts which are small even compared to a standard double-a battery. So, there’s a long way to go before the new solar panels become more widely used but more efficient future versions could mean big things for the solar industry.

China powers on world’s largest floating solar farms. China just flipped the on switch on their latest green energy project, a new floating solar farm constructed on a lake and within city in Central China is said to be the largest in the world. It is made up of 1,60,000 solar panels and these panels can produce electricity up to 15,000 homes, the farm is connected to a city where some two and a half million people reside. The panels are placed at varying depths over the lake. The water helps cool the electronics in the devices and stops them from overheating. Solar energy like wind is sporadic and environmentally dependent means that the amount of power panels can gather may sometimes fluctuate depending upon the weather.

Floating Solar Farms

Tesla gives the home energy game a new direction by unveiling a solar roof product. The product doesn’t side-tracked the aesthetics of a home because of the similar look of the ordinary tiles. Each Tesla roof tile has been produced from a solar cell quartz glass and a colour film making it appear opaque from an angle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the tiles have 98% efficiency of traditional solar panels. The tiles do have the potential to go above the normal efficiency level which if improved coatings can trap light inside to reduce loss of energy. Tesla sees the solar roofs working in Tandem with its power wall battery unit to provide energy for homes and it’s electric vehicles.

Tesla unveiled four types of solar tile during a launch event at the Desperate Housewives said at Universal Studios last Friday that the tiles will be available next year through solar city, a solar installation company chaired by Elon Musk, who has plans to merge the company with Tesla. According to him these Tesla panels would cost less than the full cost of a roof with the added benefit of being able to generate electricity.


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