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Affordable Clean Water Solution – Automated Bio-Sand Filter

Automated Bio-Sand Filter

Automated Bio-Sand Filter: Appropriate Technology That You Need To Try

The Bio-Sand water filter is a unique Canadian Technology, Samaritan’s Purse Canada and its partners have been implementing for more than 10 years to save and improve lives all over the developing world. Inside the concrete shell are components that work together using simple and natural processes to turn dirty bacteria filled and potentially deadly water into safe drinkable water. Water is poured through the top into the diffuser basin, the diffuser basin is an important part of the filter as it slows the rate at which the water-falls on to the sand column below where the filtration begins. There are four filtration processes, they occur in combination rather than in a sequence. Together they remove the organic material, worms, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Water flows downward through the filter, the top 2 cms of sand catch organic material and organisms which build up over every time once caught. They develop into an intensity active complex food chain that digests the disease-causing parasites and viruses in the water, this filter is known as the biological layer, the water continues to flow down through the filter and organisms become trapped in the fine sand. This filtration process is called Mechanical Trapping. The fine grain of sand also hold a static charge that causes some organisms to stick to the sand, this is another filtration process called Absorption. The fourth filtration process is called Natural Death as the water travels down through the sand, there is very little light or food and so disease-causing contaminants naturally die-off because they don’t receive the nourishment they need to survive when the water reaches the bottom of the filter, water pushing down on it forces it up the riser pipe. When it pours out the spout the vast majority of contaminants have been removed making it safe to drink while the bio-sand water filter looks very simple. The filter itself is only one aspect of a turn on the tap and the Samaritan’s first household water program when combined with Samaritan’s first health hygiene and sanitation education, these filters are saving and improving thousands of lives in the developing world.

Automated Bio-Sand Filter

In the rural communities around Nimboli, India, there are several underground hot springs which are known of carrying trace elements of Arsenic. in 2010, The Thirst Project began building Bio Sand Filters as a solution to provide safe, clean water to these communities in India. Water filter project is used to be done by rural people by simply picking water from the river and stain it by the cloth and then make it drinkable. That water was infected with a lot of viruses which gives diarrhoea.

Automated Bio-Sand Filter

There are three layers of sand that actually helps to filter the water, the first layer works as the no blockage for the tubes, the second layer works as a separator, and the third layer, the fine sand, actually works to stop all the viruses, pathogens, and all the impurities in water. This technique is just so economical that people don’t have to buy anything, just they pull out any water available in their area. This helps in reducing infections and sickness among people, making their lives healthier. Some of the over 700 families who have received our Bio-Sand water filters. These filters remove the organisms responsible for diseases spread by water, such as Cholera, Typhoid, and Amoebic dysentery. These Bio-Sand filters break the cycle of poverty, illness, and death from water-borne diseases.

Automated Bio-Sand Filter

India faces a terrible challenge to eradicate water-borne illnesses. One child dies every 20 seconds in India. Bio-Sand Filter is the best option for this problem and is just affordable for the poorest people in the region because it needs just a pot of water to flow. There is no power problem, no proper plumbing is required, can be installed at one corner of the house. The river water is pumped up to the tank, the ball valves attached to it gives it a fully automatic technique. The water coming out through the pipe goes to the holding tank from where the pipe goes directly to the tap without any dirt in it. This filtering process produces water that is tasteless, odourless, clear in colour and safe for drinking. Research shows that this type of filter can remove more than 90% of bacteria and 100% of parasites.

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